Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Our Graduation Day!


It's still early in the morning, and here I am. Not even sleeping. Such an insomanic. Blergh. So, as promised before, I'm going to update you with our graduation day! Wehooo! We are now graduated! Alhamdulillah!

Great moments. Big time. Such a great day for me and my friends. We shared the same happiness and joy. I don't even know how to describe these feelings. The joy of getting your own Diploma. Handed by Pro-Canselor himself. As my name was mentioned by the emcee and I walked on the stage, I just couldn't believe it! Feeling great!!! Hahaha.

Oh yaa, I also had pre-convo shooting with the Siblings. Let's check it out!

I can't stop smiling! Tak jemu tengok semua gambar tu banyak kali. Dan pastinya, ada gathering bersama Twinnies dan Siblings. :D

I swear, I miss you guys already! Bila pulak boleh jumpa lagi. You guys are my world, my love. Thanks for always be there for me all this time. Banyak jasa korang, dan Allah sajalah boleh balas. Kita takkan berpecah kan? Aamiin. 

Thanks for those who support me from the begining, in the middle and also the end of my journey here, in Terengganu. You guys have been great. May Allah bless. :D