Thursday, 4 September 2014

Corat Coret.


Mungkin entri-entri aku lepas ini akan berkurang tentang aktiviti aku. Sekadar ingin menulis, meluah apa terbuku dan tersirat di hati. Aku akui menulis merupakan satu penawar bagi aku. Everytime I wrote something, let everything out through it, I will be much better. Entri-entri lepas ni pula mungkin akan jadi lebih pendek dan ringkas atau sekadar berkongsi gambar. Sudah tidak ada lagi cerita aku yang berjela-jela tu. Mungkin.

Puisi mungkin. We'll see.

Officially End.


Long time no see. So, our teaching practicum had already end. So do our diploma. Officially end. Alhamdulillah. It's been two years and half already. How times flies. So fast. I've done my studies. As a TESL student in UniSZA. I've also done my teaching practicum, which was so great and a meaningful experience.

I could still remember my last day in school. Had farewell party with 3IA. They made a surprise. They were hiding under the desks before I enter the class. Once I open the door, they did the firecrackers or whatever they called that thing. Haha. So sweet of them. They sang songs for me. And the most touching part was when they started to cry. And I was so touched when the naughtiest boy in class, even cried. They just don't want to let me go. They even followed me to the staff room. Crying and asked me not to leave the school. Got to promise with them that I will visit them again. This kids, hmm. :')

But still, I just couldn't believe that I left Terengganu, left UniSZA, SK Seberang Takir and also the people there. The memories created won't never be forgotten. Those memories that I bring together with me. Haih. :)

I miss Terengganu already. The beautiful beaches, our ports that we used to hang around. And of course, the people as well. Twinnies, Siblings, Teslians, UniSZAns and SKST's. I miss them, so damn much. :( It's only four days since I left Terengganu, but now I miss that place like crazy! Argh, pressureee! Huh. :((

I have like one year leave before I can go for degree. Which means next year. A year huh? I've planned things to do before the degree. Get a job and bla bla blaaa. A yearrrrrrrrrrrrr! Fuhh! Well, I can't wait to see them on Graduation Day this December. :D