Saturday, 3 June 2017



"I'm sorry I can't be like other boyfriends who brought flowers to their girlfriends to the hospital."

That's what he said when I was admitted to the hospital, recently.

Honestly, I don't need flowers or chocolates. I just need you by my side. And yes, you did. You were there. From the moment I was rushed to the hospital with ambulance, you were there. No one there, but you.

I still remember, you left the hospital at 9.30pm on the first night and you came again the next afternoon. You gonna be there at 12pm sharp, everyday. And I remember, I'm gonna counting until 12pm.

And I still remember, you spent the night at the hospital, accompanied me. You didn't get your bath or even changed your clothes. You didn't even take your rest or your beauty sleep just to ensure I was okay during the blood transfusion.

At 4am, I was awake. Saw you still there, smiled to me.

Having you is more than enough. I don't need flowers. I don't need chocolates. What you've done to me was priceless, precious. You worth more than those flowers and chocolates.

Thank you for taking good care of me when I was sick. Thanks for always be there for me. Only He knows how grateful I am to have you. I always pray that you are the one, and I don't want to lose you.

I love you.