Saturday, 28 May 2016

If And Only If.


I'm wondering, how could you tell me that I'm such an ignorant and I abandoned you.
You guys are my friends. Somehow I can say, my best friends. You guys should know me better. You guys should know, why I was behaving like that.

If only you guys know what was exactly happening for the past few months. How life has been treating me and us. Well, not only us, as well as them.

I wasn't selfish.
I wasn't ignoring you guys.
It's just that they really need me at times,
and they never asked for it.

It's me, it was me who wanna help them. It was me who try to ease their burdens and problems.
It was me at the first place.
Because, that's the least I can do.
That's the least I can help.
Only that.

However, every time I try to fix and make things up, you guys seem to be reluctant.
I don't know if my efforts didn't seem to be noticed or what.
I don't know.
I've tried.
It's okay, I'm fine with it.

I know, it was me who started it at the first place. I deserve such attitudes from you guys. No, I ain't blaming you guys. No.

You, people. If only you know, people.
If and only if.

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