Saturday, 25 February 2017



[2/19, 11:35 PM]: I just sent him off to his place. He's not feeling well. And I know there's something bothering him, which I don't even know what is it. Gosh, I miss him already. How I wish I can be by his side right now. Watching over him. So that I can get him everything he needs. He refused to get any meds and isotonic drink. I'm worried. Haih. Get well soon my dear. It breaks my heart to see you like that.

[2/20, 1:55 AM]: I wish I know what's bothering you. So that I can help you to at least, ease your burden. Please, let me be your ears, let me be your crying shoulder. Please. It hurts me to see you in pain or even in any kinds of unpleasant feelings. I miss your smile, I miss your laughter. Smile, smile.

[2/20, 4:55 PM]: He was okay this morning. I got to see him; smiling and laughing. We even had lunch together. But then, he suddenly creep into silence. I'm not sure whether he's not feeling good or he's just sleepy. Seeing him like that, it worries me a lot. It's been few days he's acting like that. I don't know whether he's just tired and doesn't want to talk to anybody or it's me who loves to over think. I wish I know why. I wish. I wish I could dive into his heart and find the answers. So that, he doesn't have to tell me, because I know he's not good with words.

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