Thursday, 15 December 2011

Jalan-jalan @ Reunion !

Assalamualaikum buddies ! Dah berapa hari ea CikNin tak update blog ? Hehee, tak sempat la. 
Okay, this morning i had attend my primary school reunion. It was held at KB Mall and i went there with the whole family. My friends were planned this a few days ago and i really wanted to meet them as we're not meet each other for about 4 or 5 years. That's freaking long time ! 
After reaching KB Mall, i texted my friends and they said there were at KFC. So, i went down to the KFC cause Abah parked the car at the top floor car park. When i reached there, i met with my friends .aka. my ex-classmates. Alyaa and Meerock, *or her real name is Amirah ;) hee There were only three of us, while the others didn't reach yet. 
The friend of mine, Imam Habibi, *classical and arabis name right ? :p caught in traffic jammed, *it was raining heavily today. while the others were not coming ! Huh, it's just the three of us ! 
After waiting too long, Alya decided to go window shopping. We're just walked around the shops and went to the Super Bowl. We're not playing bowling, but just take a look at the players there. 
While i was there, Abah called me and he said that we're going to somewhere else. What ?!? I was like blur at that time, and said okay to him. Then, i told Alya that i've got to go. 
I went to upstairs, to the car park. I was a little bit disappointed cause i could not meet with others. 
In the car, Abah said that we're going to find Amer's school shoes. We went to Billion and i bought some shawls while Umi spending her money by buying scarfs. Hee. Amer, finally bought his shoes. Line 7 brand. *nak pergi sekolah ke apa pakai brand mahal-mahal ? =,=' 
Finally, we went home and took 'lunch' at 4.00 pm. Haha.

p/s : I would love to go to KB Mall again, shopping . Tak puas jalan tadi ! :))

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