Saturday, 23 July 2011

Forgive & Forget ! :)

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody ! Today i'm going to write in English, can I ? Why ? Just because. Huhu. Naa, actually i just want to improve my English, so i decide to try and try to write in English, so that one day my English could be good and great ! First of all, i would like to say sorry if my English is broken or the grammar are bad. Huhu. Well, i'm a student who is still learning and if Allah wills, i will try to improve better. Hmm, i haven't update my blog for about a week, right ? Many things happened !
Okay, now let's get start. Hmm, according to the entry above, 'Forgive & Forget'... Why ? Did you remembered my last entry ? Yeah, it was about me and someone, right ? Now, let me tell you what already happened... Last Monday, i was very moody and stressed at the school. Yeah,, the 'problem' between me and 'N' were really keep me crazy! And seriously i sai,, i really hate that ! But, Allah always show me the right way and guide me with His guidance. Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah. On that day, Miss Aishah, the school counsellor, came into the class. Then, I decided to share and tell her the problem that i'm having at that moment. So, she asked me to follow her to the Counselling Room. Yeah, we need a privacy. Then, i told her everything. From A to Z. What were actually happenned between me and 'N'.. So, she decided to make a counselling session between me, 'N' and 'F'. i agreed with her because i don't want to make things worst !
After the recess, i went straight to the Counselling Room and waited for 'N' and 'F' patiently. My hands were cold like i'm in the fridge at that time, and my heart beat extremely than usual. i calmed and relaxed myself. 
And the door was opened. i could see clearly 'N''s face, her face showed how she was not pleased to be there especially when i was there too. 'F' asked Miss Aishah why were we gathered here and my counsellor explained to them nicely. I was a little bit nervous at that time and thanked Allah, i could control myself and the situation. Then, the conversation begin.. Miss Aishah allowed me to asked 'N' about the formulae she made and other stuffs. At first, 'N' didn't want to cooperate at all with me and Miss Aishah and she just kept silent. Then, after Miss Aishah advising her, telling her that we're here to solve the problem, she finally agreed to cooperate ! Thanks girl ! 'F' left the room because 'N' only want to talk between me, her and Miss Aishah.. Finally, she told me everything that she felt and what's exactly her point did those things and etc. And, Alhamdulillah, and thanked to Allah again, everything were finally okay. 'N' and me were good and  apologizing to each other and everything were back into normal. No more hurt feelings, no more bad feelings. Insya-Allah. :)  
After the conversation, we back to the class together and of course it suprised most of our friends ! my friend keep asking me how is it going, and i said everything were okay and i asked them to befriend again with 'N' and the gang.    
I'm happy and so grateful because the problem is settled and things back to normal again ! :) I would love to thank a lot to Miss Aishah for her advices and helped me a lot in this case ! Thanks a lot Miss Aishah ! I Love You ! To 'N', I just hope that one day we could be a good friends ! Insya-Allah. And of course, thanks for your cooperation dear ! So, just 'Forgive & Forget ! Let bygone be bygone. :)

p/s :: CikNin dah tak nak gaduh-gaduh dengan orang lagi ! Tak best. That's my promise ! Amin !

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