Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sports Day ! >> Cheer Leaders !

Hey guys ! We meet again ! Hmm,,  i posted two entries today ... Whoa ! Well, i got many things to share with all of you since i haven't update my blog for about one week ... As you all can see the entry,, it is about my school's Sports Day ! It was held last Wednesday, on 20th July, 2011... It was quite awesome and great day ! And i joined the 'Cheer Leaders' competition for my Bitara's Club ! blue, blue, blue ! Haha ! i don't know why i joined the competition,, just for fun actually but it was so great ! My friend, Go Jia Chinh, as the leader of the 'Cheer Leaders', she handled our team greatly ! She's good in dancing you know ! Her determination amazed me ! Could you imagine, we're only practised everything for just 3 days ! Starting from Sunday until Tuesday and everything was on Chinh's shoulders ! Only 12 pupils including Chinh and me joined the Pon Pon Girls and thanked to Allah because they're giving us good cooperation and worked hard to make everything okay and great during the sports day ...
The Sports Day was held at the Stadium Mini Kijang Emas ... The Sports Day began with singing the National Anthem, Gemilang Puteri and reciting prayer by Ustaz Samsuri .... After that, it's time for the Cheer Leaders ! We were the first team to perform ! Although it was not a perfect or a good performance, but we did a great job and worked really hard ! And the most important is,, we enjoyed the performance ... And, we've got the 3rd place ! Actually, we're not that happy with the result because we've targetted to win at least the 2nd place ... My team were quite disappointed, especially Chinh, because she worked hard for the team ... Hmm, but what else could we do, whatever it is,, we got to face the reality, right ? We were not having the glooming faces for the whole day , of course not . The others really love our performance and it made our day ! Unbelieveable ! And they also said that our team should win the second or the first place ! Thanks to them for cheering me and the team ! :) It was an honoured for us actually,, got that such praises ! Alhamdulillah,, we've got many positive comments from people ... That was more than enough ! The most important is we enjoyed and happy be one of the Cheer Leaders for Bitara ! We forget about the Cheer Leaders things for a while and gave supports to our Bitara's athletes ! Go Bitara, Go Bitara, Go ! Chaiyok Chaiyok ! 

Here's some pictures of the Cheer Leaders of ours :)

Queue up to the track ...

2 lines,, A - B 

Step of husbands & wives !

Polka do it !


Final step !

My team !

Chinh & Me !

With Sir Jamal.

p/s :: Loved to be one of the Cheer Leaders ! A great moment that i will never forget and i'm gonna miss it ! :)



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