Wednesday, 14 January 2015



It is tough. Why at this state of time, I discovered and found all those things back? It’s like I’m digging up all the memories back. Those wonderful and beautiful memories...

The pictures.

Priceless. I treasured them the most. It was freaking heartbreaking when I had to lose them before.

But now, they hurt me even more. For God’s sake! To see all those pictures again.

How bright the smile we had.

My heart’s scattered.
Broke into pieces.
I smiled while tears streaming down my face.   

Why are those things have to show up while I’m trying to push myself to another step of my life? Trying hard like hell. And why did I find all that now? It’s priceless but useless?

Allah. What it is? What is it do You want to tell me? Was it a sign from You?  Please show me the way, Lord. There’s no one I can count on, unless You.

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